About us
S.C. Corporate Management Solutions S.R.L. is a company, founded in 2003, member of the Tender Group Company, which activates in the infrastucture work sector, construction works and road and bridge maintenance. The company has a vaste number and a huge variety of equipment and specialized machinery, emulsion station and preparetion of asphaltic mixes station. The experience in contracting works and managing them, combined with the wish to assert of the young and dynamic personnel, defines S.C. C.M.S. S.R.L. as one the most competitive construction, maintenance and road repair firms in western part of the country.

Offered service: construction, repair and maintenance work for roads and bridges, asphalt carpets, reabilitation works and recycling „in situ”.

Current projects:

  • Road modernization works in Timis county;
  • Street modernization works in Timis and Arad counties;
  • Road asphalting works in Timis county;
  • Bycicle track execution works in the Timis county;
  • Crossroads improvement – DN76 passage Oradea;
  • Current maintenance – DRDP Timisoara-SDN Arad; SDN Caransebes; A1 Highway;
  • 2014-2015 winter maintenance works – DRDP Timisaora – SDN Arad

Contact us
Calea Aradului, Km 13, Sanadrei, 300169, Timis County
+40 31 805 45 16
+40 25 629 44 60